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  Looking for a fun way to teach kids positive values?

Then check out the Smart Values Series from Wise Heart Books! The Smart Values Series is a collection of five stories that help children understand the positive and transformative nature of good values. Each story describes how certain values – such as generosity, cleanliness, and honesty – can change us for the better.

Books with clear consequences and a moral to the story are a good way to teach values, character education and to use a yoga term: Yamas & Niyamas. Yamas are social disciplines –  how we behave toward others & Niyamas are personal disciplines – how we care for ourselves.

My two favorites in the Smart Values Series are “Manny the Mouse” & “Captain Grimy”. Here are a few details about them:

 Captain Grimy – Losing his leg to some greedy pirates turned Captain Grimy into a dirty, mean…

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By Shelby Strong

One way to learn to listen to your intuitive guidance and meditate in the way that is most helpful to you at the moment, is to begin your meditation by consciously radiating love to everyone.
This amazing technique will transform you!

You can visualize a person, or just name them silently, and radiate positive, loving feelings toward them. Send them love, thanks, blessings, happiness, prosperity – all the good intentions. The important thing is to do this with EVERYONE you know… not just the ones you love.

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Teach this technique to your kids. We can transforn our world and the world around us.

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Wise Heart Books takes children on a magical journey of fun and discovery, of learning and love.


By Shelby Strong

In a time when needs and desires are instantly gratified, and where opportunities and privileges are abundant, we may find that our children are developing an “all for nothing” attitude without expressing the gratitude that is warranted. Expression of gratitude is vital to every individuals’ growth as it teaches us to appreciate what we have. It also teaches us to respect kindness and service, as well as appreciating their sources. I offer up three simple ideas to help teach our children the importance of gratitude in their own lives.

Raising children with values is not easy nor is it hard. It does take time and dedication to the cause.

First and foremost, we as parents must lead by example. One of the greatest services and life lessons we can teach our children as they grow, is that of appreciation and thankfulness. There is no better way to teach a child than through personal example. Children learn the most through observation of those around them. When they see parents express thanks and appreciation for everyday occurrences, they will learn and want to do the same. Additionally, by expressing specific thanks towards our children they will feel the importance of gratitude in their own lives. By experiencing these feels of appreciation and worth, they will see and feel firsthand the powerful reward of thankfulness.

Stories that help CHILDREN tap into their WISDOM WITHIN and use it to TRANSFORM the world around them.

Second, we must eliminate entitlement in our childrens’ lives. Just because we can give them everything, doesn’t mean we should. We want our sons and daughters to feel like princes and princesses but not act like little tyrants. We can accomplish this by teaching them the importance of work and thriftiness in their lives. By not handing them their every whim and fancy, children will learn a greater sense of appreciation for what they do have. Someday they might even personally thank you for teaching them that less is often actually more.

Lastly, nothing can compensate for positive reinforcement in our childrens’ lives. Recognize their thankfulness. Praise them for expressing their gratitude. This simple act will help them to be even more grateful. Positive reinforcement is much more effective than negative punishment. By showing our children that we are aware of them and their efforts to be grateful, we are reinforcing their desire to do so.

Stories that describe how generosity, cleanliness & honesty can change us for the better.

A thankful heart and an “attitude of gratitude” are necessary for our childrens’ well-being and growth throughout their lives. We, as parents, must lead by example by being grateful ourselves. Additionally, the more we express gratitude the more we will see just how much we have to be grateful for. We will be happier. Our children will be happier. And in this day and age, no amount of money can buy our little princes and princesses happiness. Lead them down the road to happiness by teaching them the value of gratitude.
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By Cindy Jett 

Teaching your child tolerance not only makes moral sense, but also makes economic sense. In this era of rapid globalization, it is likely that your child will grow up to interact and do business with people from vastly different cultures from different corners of the world. If your child demonstrates a genuine respect and comfort with diversity, it will likely expand his opportunities and success in life. Tolerance is not simply “tolerating” differences among people, but refers to a broad respect and appreciation of diversity. The following strategies will teach your child to value difference, rather than fear it.

It is OK to talk about differences.

Tolerance is not about pretending everybody is the same. Teach your child that it is OK to recognize and discuss differences. People have different beliefs, look differently, and have different customs. These differences aren’t good or bad, per se, they are simply different. Curiosity is fine as long it is accompanied by an attitude of respect and not judgment.

Expose your child to diversity.

Perhaps the best way to develop an appreciation of diversity is through exposure. Whether it is through school, an extracurricular activity or travel, expose your children to different kinds of people. Be positive about cross cultural interactions and friendships.

Bear witness to the commonalities of the human condition.

People from all cultures have families, care for children, work hard, and exhibit kindness and loyalty to their loved ones. So while people vary tremendously in terms of beliefs, culture and traditions there is an underlying humanity which unites us all. Look for points of connection on this deeper level, and discuss them with your children.


Wise Heart Books takes children on a magical journey of fun and discovery, of learning and love, of understanding and sharing. Our stories show the importance of cultivating compassion, responsibility, forgiveness, tolerance, and many other important qualities that build strong character, mind, and heart.

Wise Heart Books also believe that education should be available to every child. All the net profits from the sales of Wise Heart Books are designated to the further development of such publications and to support educational programs for disadvantaged children around the world.

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No matter how elaborate your holiday giving plans, it is important to talk to children about the true meaning of the holidays and the spirit of kindness and generosity that surrounds this special time of year.  Parents are powerful models to their children during their developing years. As such, their impact should transmit lessons which their children can assimilate into their value system.

Generosity is a positive trait that parents should consider teaching their children, for it would enhance the discovery of other traits that would help them to succeed in their future careers.

Children are easily impressed by what they see in their parents. If they see them offering help and showing kindness to others, children emulate these kindly acts. If parents are mindful of the welfare of their fellow men, their offspring will catch the same spirit towards others, too.

Ellen G. White, the author of the book, Education, wrote, “Character building is the most important work ever entrusted to human beings; and never before was its diligent study so important as now. Never was any previous generation called to meet issues so momentous; never before were young men and young women confronted by perils so great as those confronting them today.”

Children at the Ilori Centre, La Carpio,Costa Rica sharing their food!

Learning to work together and share their materials!

Reading & Giving is a program of Wise Heart Books designed to support educational programs for disadvantaged children in the USA and Central America.  By buying our set of books, not only will your child learn many important qualities that build strong character, mind, and heart, they will also know that they are helping another child.  For more info please visit our website,

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Learning to work together and share their materials!


Children at the Ilori Centre, La Carpio,Costa Rica sharing their food!

Gift giving is very important especially if you give gifts which come from the heart. The true essence of gift giving lies in your intention on why you would like to give your love one a gift.

When you give gifts from your heart without expecting anything in return that would show that you really love the person because you want to make the recipient of the gift a really happy.

The true meaning of giving a gift that you show your appreciation, love, care and gratefulness to the person which will receive your present. Article Source:

Wise Heart Books, located in Ashville, NC; is a group of educators, authors, and parents committed to producing quality, affordable children’s books which convey important spiritual, moral, social, and environmental values. Our stories help children tap into their wisdom within and use it to transform the world around them.

Read and Give! The profits from the sales of Wise Heart Books are invested to support educational programs for children such as the Ilori Project in Costa Rica.

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